In addition to any statutory rights resulting from the purchase, all RYOBI branded power tools and/or garden tools listed on our website, excluding accessories, storage and spare parts, are covered by a voluntary warranty as stated below.

1. Warranty Period and Extension Option

The warranty period is 24 months (Warranty Period) for private end-users only (hereinafter Consumers) provided that the product is purchased for private use only and the warranty commences on the date the product was purchased. This date must be documented by an invoice or other proof of purchase in order for the warranty to be valid and enforceable. There is no warranty provided where the product is purchased for professional or commercial use. This warranty applies only on new product(s).
There is an option for consumers in certain countries to extend the warranty period for particular electric tool(s) beyond the Warranty Period described above by registering on the www.ryobitools.eu website. (For details, please check the www.ryobitools.eu website.) The online registration form lists the countries where this extended warranty will apply and the eligibility of products for the extended warranty is clearly specified on packaging and/or contained within the relevant product documentation. Consumers are required to register their newly-acquired product(s) online within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase to benefit from this extended warranty. Consumers may register for the extended warranty in their country of residence if listed on the online registration form on the website www.ryobitools.eu. As part of the registration process, Consumers must give their consent to the storage of their personal data that is required to be entered online. All information will be held in accordance with the privacy policy, which can be found here https://uk.ryobitools.eu/footer-links/privacy-policy/ The registration confirmation receipt, which is sent out by e-mail, and the original invoice showing the date of purchase will serve as proof of the extended warranty.

2. Warranty and Exclusions

During the Warranty Period the warranty is limited to repair and/or replacement of the faulty product provided that any fault in workmanship or material existed at the date of purchase. No further costs or losses can be claimed. This warranty does not apply to:
– professional use/trade or hire purposes
– accidental or wilful damage or negligence
– any damage to the product that is the result of improper or lack of maintenance
– any product that has been altered or modified
– any product where original identification (trade mark, serial number) markings have been defaced, altered or removed
– any damage caused by mis-use, neglect, or non-observance of the instruction manual
– any product not displaying the CE approval mark on the rating plate
– any product that has been attempted to be repaired by a non-authorised warranty service center or without prior authorization by the manufacturer
– any product connected to improper power supply (amps, voltage, frequency)
– any product used with inappropriate fuel mixture (fuel, oil, ratio of oil)
– any damage caused by external influences (water, chemical, physical, shocks) or foreign substances
– components (parts and accessories) which are subject to fair wear and tear, including but not limited to service & maintenance kits, carbon brushes, bearings, chuck, SDS drill bit attachment or reception, power cord, auxiliary handle, transport carry case, sanding plate, dust bag, dust exhaust tube, felt washers, impact wrench pins & springs, bump knobs, drive belts, clutch, blades of hedge trimmers or lawn mowers, harness, cable throttle, tines, felt washers, hitch pins, blower fans, blower and vacuum tubes, vacuum bag and straps, guide bars, saw chains, hoses, connector fittings, spray nozzles, wheels, spray wands, inner reels, outer spools, cutting lines, spark plugs, air filters, gas filters, mulching blades, etc.
– inappropriate use, overloading of product(s)
– use of accessories or parts which have not been approved by the manufacturer
– any periodic adjustments to or maintenance cleaning of carburetor
– power tool accessories provided with the product(s) or purchased separately, including but not limited to screw driver bits, drill bits, abrasive discs, sand paper and blades, lateral guide, etc.
– any consumable parts of the product(s) which are intended to be replaced during the life of the product(s) as identified in the instruction manual (e.g. filters, brush-bars and belts)

3. Warranty Claims

To make a claim under this warranty, the faulty product(s) must be sent or presented to either a local after sales service team of the manufacturer or an authorised RYOBI service centre listed on the following website https://uk.ryobitools.eu/header/service-and-support/service-agents/
In some countries your local authorised RYOBI reseller undertakes to send the product to an authorised RYOBI service centre on your behalf, please check with them directly whether this is possible. When sending a product directly to an authorised RYOBI service centre, the product must be safely packed without any dangerous contents such as petrol, marked with sender’s address and accompanied by a short description of the fault.
When an authorised RYOBI service centre has received the product(s) in question, it or they will be inspected. If the manufacturer determines that the fault/defect falls under this manufacturer warranty, a repaired or replacement product will be provided free of charge and the remaining time of the original Warranty Period will apply to such repaired/replaced product(s). Parts or products returned to the manufacturer under this warranty become the manufacturer’s property.

4. Warranty Territories

This warranty is valid in the United Kingdom. Outside these areas, please contact your authorised RYOBI reseller to determine if another warranty applies.